Aircraft Taxation Engagements

Our comprehensive aircraft engagement is a “turn-key” service that provides you extensive evaluation and recommendations for acquiring and operating your new aircraft, while maximizing federal deductions utilizing the most up to date federal guidance and reducing the sales tax burden in the state of purchase and operation.  Federal & State law are always in a state of flux and we continually monitor any relevant case law and guidance for changes that may affect our clients.

In addition to the strategic guidance we provide in our engagements, we take all actions necessary to implement our recommended structure, so that you only have to worry about conducting your business and flying your new aircraft.  We handle all sales tax and federal tax filings for you and we work with your tax professionals to make sure that your aircraft operations are in sync with your everyday business operations.

Finally, should the IRS or a State audit your structure or aircraft ownership, we will provide, at no additional cost to you, assistance in those proceedings through the administrative process (audit & appeals in IRS Examinations).


Sales Tax Only Engagements

If you don’t have business use of an aircraft, for which you could take federal deductions, you may still be able to avoid paying sales tax on the purchase of your aircraft, if you structure your purchase appropriately.  Ascendant Aviation offers Sales Tax Only Engagements that allow you to reduce or eliminate your sales tax burden on the purchase of an aircraft.  This service is also turn-key and we will defend the sales tax structure in any state at no additional charge.